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Rust is a survival video game which was created by the creator named Facepunch Studios. It was inspired by some games like Minecraft, Stalker and DayZ. This game has aim of creating a hostile environment for flourishing an emergent game play. Its aim is the survival.
Oxide is one of those great modding APIs that let you do just about everything. What’s more, it’s easy to use and open source. I’d definitely recommend it.

Oxide Mod Feature – Door Sharing, Help and Chat Commands, Admin Plugin, PM System, Restrict Lootspawn, Restrict Crafting and more.

Rust Oxide Mod Download You can check rust oxide mode wiki and download here on Oxide Official site

Rust Mod

Some facts about Rust Game.

1.In the Rust game, you feel more dominating and powerful than others if you get more quantity of powerful weapons. Even if firearms are possessed by you, your safety is not guaranteed.
2.If you run around with shotgun out, then also you may become a target. You can feel disempowered in this game.
3. We are used to some advanced features such as minimaps or arrows on screen for finding the exact place to go. But to find your friend in a large virtual island is like a reward especially when the place is not familiar with you or you don’t know anything about the directions.
4.The convenience of game feature is lost, but a sense of gratification is gained back.
5.Rust game is buggy somewhat and lacking some features but it is still a good game. It has some flaws like occasional crashing.
6.An open source of framework of Rust mod is Magma developed by Rust++ developers. 7. It is a fun game having expanded selection of things for building and creating.

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